"David Newman is an amazing artist with new technology"

–Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder

David Newman is a classically trained American artist and designer with more than 40 years of professional experience in fine and graphic art. His works range from portraits of Silicon Valley luminaries, to mouthwatering representations of cuisine, and powerful poster art. He paints subjects directly from life and is dedicated to capturing the nuance of people and objects that make each visual experience unique.

You can purchase 17 x 22" and 8.5 x 11" archival giclée prints of every image featured here on Epson Cold Press Natural paper in editions limited to 50. The DNSF logotype and promotional watermark are not printed. Call or email David for pricing and other details via the Contact page.

His portraits of pastries are painted on his iPad. He paints them from direct observation in one sitting, en plein aire (or plein cafe) in ArtRage. No photography is used in their rendering.

As a freelance courtroom artist for UPI & others, David covered historic trials including the trial of Dan White and Black Panther Party co-founder Huey Newton in the 1970's. He has painted with computer graphics systems, including Mac, since the early 1980's where he taught computer graphics to artists and designers in NYC.

At Chirp, the first Twitter developer conference held shortly after the iPad was released in April 2010, David put aside his traditional paper and ink brushes and began using iPad to document high tech innovators in Silicon Valley through portraiture.  His work has been featured in NYTimes.com, MacToday, Taiwan; Konkret & MobilNext, Germany, Gentry, Silicon Valley, and numerous online articles.

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